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What we do

Our mission is to develop solutions that boost creative performance, increase collaboration and contributions from diverse stakeholders, and streamline meaningful data acquisition.
We turn brainstorming into actionable, meaningful information.

Why we're here

The foundation of CanvasGT is rooted in social entrepreneurship as a calling to improve health & happiness for all.  We felt a call to action to start this company as a means to create jobs and make positive social change. Read more about that here

CanvasGT is not just about creating jobs here in this company, but about improving creative performance of our clients, helping them develop products that improve the experience of life and extend meaningful job opportunities to the broader community.

We know critical business processes such as regulatory compliance sometimes take center stage. At our core, we strive to develop solutions that enable and simplify the process without forcing creativity to take a back seat.

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What we believe in

Create a happy and healthy work-life balance
The most precious asset we have in life is time, and life is too short for an unhappy work environment. CanvasGT is committed to creating jobs that are meaningful, where we can be creative, open, honest, and make real, significant contributions.  While we work hard building solutions, we also recognize the importance of time spent away from the office with family and friends to live a truly healthy and fulfilling life.

Be caring and thoughtful
What’s the secret sauce to building a good product, a good team, a good company? It’s taking the time to be caring and thoughtful not only in the work we do, but the way we treat ourselves, clients, and colleagues. 
We care deeply about creating tools that are useful to the real humans who are solving complex medical device problems. We are dedicated to thoughtfully spending our time and energy to make these tools the best they can be.

Be socially responsible and community conscious
We live in a complex social ecosystem with real challenges, ranging from gender and racial equality to environmental impact, poverty, healthcare, and nutrition.  There is no one right answer, nor one right approach, to social justice. Core values are like a preflight checklist. As a company, checking in daily to our values to ensure we are doing our best to make a positive social impact is paramount to our culture.

Being socially responsible at a high level is only half of the equation.  Down on the ground, we live and work in a community facing all of these social challenges.  CanvasGT is committed to rolling up our sleeves and getting out into our communities to do good.  This is realized in a commitment to foster a community of creative, critical thinkers that will be better equipped to take on the ever increasing complexity of challenges for generations to come.

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Why we joined Greenlight Guru

The best acquisitions include a cultural fit and a shared vision. With CanvasGT and Greenlight Guru, this isn’t a story that happened with a pitch deck, but rather a relationship that developed over time.

Read more about this journey here →

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Who we are

Amanda Garcia - a woman with brown hair wearing a black shirt

Amanda Decker Garcia

Product Manager
A designer and planner, passionate about finding solutions that work for real people
Andrew DiMeo - a man with glasses and a beard wearing a hat

Andrew J. DiMeo, Sr.

Founder and CEO
A designer and planner, passionate about finding solutions that work for real people
An illustration of two bearded men

Mystery Developers

Code Monkeys
Working hard behind the scenes
Tony Voiers - a man with short gray hair wearing a navy suit with a blue shirt

Tony Voiers

Currently serves as CEO of Advanced Chemotherapy Technologies and is a veteran of the medical device industry
Jonathan Lima - a man with short brown hair wearing a green shirt

Jonathan Lima

A pro at developing and selling software solutions, most recently serving as VP Business Development for Prometheus Group
Adam Smith - a man with short brown hair and a beard wearing a blue sweater

Adam Smith

Serial entrepreneur with a long history in software startups including serving as COO at Automated Insights
Amanda Decker Garcia
Product Owner

A designer and planner, passionate about finding solutions that work for real people

Andrew J. DiMeo, Sr.
Founder and CEO

A coach, teacher, student, and entrepreneur in innovation strategy and design thinking

Ben Garcia
Principal Engineer

A technologist who specializes in enterprise software development

Cody Dills
Principal Engineer

Software enthusiast with specialties in full stack and infrastructure engineering