Essential Ingredients for Unprecedented Speed and Impact of Medical Innovation

May 11, 2021
Andrew DiMeo

A year ago the National Institute of Health (NIH) established the Rapid Acceleration of Diagnostics (RADx) initiative.  A special issue of the IEEE Open Journal of Engineering in Medicine and Biology was published on April 29th that includes eight reports.  “Together, the reports provide a unique view of how our innovation and entrepreneurial community has responded with unprecedented speed and impact at a time of great public urgency.” said NIBIB Director Bruce Tromberg in an NIH Press Release.

This Special Section provides operational details for the key components and processes of RADx Tech that have proven to be vital to its success: software platforms that enabled the program’s infrastructure and processes (Collins et al.), the expert review panels (Tessier et al.), the unique facilitation provided to the funded applicants (Dempsey et al. and Robinson et al.), the POCTRN Cores that evaluated the technologies at the benchtop and in actual use (Nehl et al. and Gibson et al.), and the support for large-scale manufacturing and deployment of diagnostic tests (Walsh et al.). The final paper describes the impact of RADx Tech on future med-tech entrepreneurs and developers (DiMeo et al.).

- Guest Editor Steven Schachter and John Parrish

All eight papers in the special issue can be found here.

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