Greenlight Guru’s Acquisition of CanvasGT: An Open Letter from Our CEO

January 19, 2022
Andrew DiMeo

Today is a big day for CanvasGT. It marks the beginning of a new journey as we join Greenlight Guru, pioneer of the only dedicated Medical Device Success Platform (MDSP), to accelerate a shared mission. 

Since its founding in 2020, CanvasGT has set out on the mission to deliver a powerful new solution for knowledge management that empowers medical innovators to bring creative thinking and pragmatic decision-making together. 

It is indeed a humbling experience to see our mission, product, and team resonate with so many stakeholders during our journey as a company. 

Why are we joining Greenlight Guru? 

The best acquisitions include a cultural fit and a shared vision. With CanvasGT and Greenlight Guru, this isn’t a story that happened with a pitch deck, but rather a relationship developed over time.

In 2017, as a professor at NC State, I was encouraged by my Biomedical Engineering Students to switch from a paper-based QMS to an electronic one spearheading an introduction to Jon Speer, Founder of Greenlight Guru. That first domino led to Greenlight sponsoring the eQMS solution in our classroom. 

Jon quickly followed up, encouraging me to share my passion to bring stakeholder-centered design best practices to medical innovators via the Global Medical Device podcast. Another podcast and webinar later, this relationship developed alongside a journey from NC State to Trig, an industrial design firm where I designed the original “waterfall” canvas. 

This story continues in a 3rd podcast where you can hear Jon and me discussing the entrepreneurial journey of CanvasGT and this exciting new partnership with Greenlight Guru. 

Listen here for more → 

What about the CanvasGT team? 

Several of our team members have already become official Greenlight employees and are excited to be part of a growing team. CanvasGT will continue to operate out of Raleigh, NC, and join Greenlight Guru’s award-winning hybrid culture. The CanvasGT team has plans to display the Greenlight Guru name in downtown Raleigh beginning in February.

What does this mean for CanvasGT customers and the future of the product? 

With the support of Greenlight Guru’s world-class team, CanvasGT will continue to serve and support all customers, while continuing to build, maintain, and improve the functionality of our product. Customers can expect more exciting updates as we continue to build and enhance the product in the year ahead.

CanvasGT is all about helping medical device innovators and teams accelerate innovation with solutions that boost creative performance, increase collaboration, and supports iterative design processes, while seamlessly capturing design history along the way.

We will continue to focus on this mission and maximize our impact on users and early-design workflows. 

Thank you for supporting us as we build a product for medical device innovators - we are grateful to assist you through the early stages of your journey to improving the quality of life.

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