Zoom to the Future of Medical Innovation

March 24, 2020
Andrew DiMeo

Looking back on the past seven days, it has been dominated by Zoom.  Considering the future, we can expect the current rapid adoption of this one solution to video conferencing will unfold into a steady state of transformation in real-time multi-site collaboration.  Sure, it’s been happening for the past decade, and was well predicted into the future. But, undoubtedly, the healthcare crisis we are all facing today marks an inflection point of change.

The meetings over the past week were humbling.  They included one-on-ones, large group sessions, and breakout rooms.  They included genuine discussions and cameras were for the most part on.  The gatherings were local, national, and international. They included researchers working with the CDC, NIH program directors, and biomedical engineering faculty.  They included social entrepreneurs and manufacturing company CEOs. They included university and hospital based innovation managers. There was one with a group of 28 students studying entrepreneurship.  There was one less focused on speaking and more on sweating as a group did a Krav Maga fitness class together. Most significantly there were groups including the nurses and doctors on the front lines of our healthcare system.

Everyone was mobilizing for a war.  The actions and initiatives ranged from organizing groups of students into build-a-thons, planning design-a-thons, bringing bright minds together to come up with new testing protocols for the efficacy of cleaning and reusing personal protective equipment (PPE), upfitting manufacturing lines to mass produce PPE, streamlining clinical testing approval processes in academic healthcare institutions, and the list goes on and on with the most inspiring actions.

In this time that our healthcare system is facing its greatest challenge, people all over the world are turning on their cameras to collaborate.

Here at CanvasGT, we’re doing our small part to improve the future of medical innovation.  The team has taken nights and weekends developing the MVP that holds a promise to increase success and speed to market for medical innovations born out of hospitals, universities, and entrepreneurial endeavors.

When we started CanvasGT less than two months ago, we knew we were working to fill a need in the innovation pipeline.  Today, we can’t help but realize it as an urgent need.

Looking back on this week of meetings in Zoom has been nothing short of inspiring to double down on building  CanvasGT. It is our mission to bring these diverse stakeholders together to turbocharge their creative potential and accelerate their innovations to market.

Health & Happiness for All

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