A clear path to your final product

CanvasGT marries creative and pragmatic thinking, paving a seamless path through the design process. When your whiteboard instantly becomes a table, the possibilities are endless.
From initial planning phases to complex processes, CanvasGT enables you to effortlessly organize your ideas and research in a single tool - then turn it into something actionable.

See how it applies to medical device design to make traceability a breeze.

Dynamic collaboration

With a board view and a table view, your team can capture information the way they want, all while getting real-time updates.

Design history as you go

No more backtracking - capture revision history and connect information throughout the design process by connecting research, notes, and ideas.

Enhanced sharing and security

We know how important confidentiality is. Granular permission options give you the control you need.

Why CanvasGT?

"Finally, a tool that allows inventors and teams to collaboratively brainstorm ideas and solutions to unmet needs, while simultaneously creating design history file documentation along the way. This allows for a more creative and more efficient product development process."

Senior Program Manager
“I don’t want to be spending my time filling in tables. I want to be engaging the world in getting things done.”

Director of Engineering
Medical Device Manufacturer
“For a NewCo that didn’t start design controls early in the process, that could be a 3-month or longer project to reverse engineer traceability.”

Managing Director

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